Set up your bookkeeping systems

Amarin sets up and reviews your chart of accounts, accounting systems, processes, and controls, guiding your adoption of standardized bookkeeping best practices.

Unlock Financial Insights and Make Informed Decisions

Get equipped with tools to drive your business forward with Amarin Accounting. Detailed financial statements, accounts and receivables tracking, tax returns filing. All in one place.

CFO Function
Elevate Your Business Trajectory with CFO expertise

We consult on financial planning, budgeting, cash flow management, forecasting, and strategic advising for optimum business performance.

Statutory Compliance
Stay Ahead of Regulations and Ensure Peace of mind

Stay ahead of ever-changing regulations to ensure utmost compliance. We handle everything from tax filings and payroll compliance to regulatory reporting and documentation to save you time and minimize the risk of penalties.


Whether your business has been operating for ten days or ten years, Amarin will manage your bookkeeping so you can return to managing your company’s growth.

We Leverage

  • African finance talent to support SMEs across the globe
  • Global North SMEs to cross subsidize Ugandan SMEs

In Order to

  • Create jobs
  • Develop the SME sector &
  • Create balanced development