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We are part of the community of the Ugandan and Kampala Ecosystem. The journey has been and continues to be tough. To change the status quo of the entrepreneurial journey of Ugandan, African businesses, our MD is participating in projects that are not just for the company's wellbeing but our community as well. Here are the examples of projects we have focused on with our partner Swisscontact Zurich. 

The Kampala Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Project is an Amarin led project designed to support deeper collaboration between ecosystem actors to provide high-quality support for entrepreneurs in Kampala. The project brings together interested ecosystem actors to design and deliver tangible and impactful projects for the ecosystem.

This project was developed to test Social Network Analysis (SNA) as a tool for engaging ecosystem actors, facilitating and assessing support activities resulting from their articulated demand, piloting, and assessing concrete tools for ecosystem building. Still, in implementation, we hope that our success will include:

  • Having entrepreneurs in every sector and stage of growth who are knowledgeable about the services available to them and the respective service providers.
  • Deeper collaboration among service providers to ease the growth of entrepreneurs