Are you an SME looking to transform and organise your business operations in order to increase your business profits.


We have been in the trenches trying to get people to improve financial management because we believe that tiny changes to one's financial management can make a big difference. We, therefore, started Amarin Financial Group with a focus on improving personal finance management. We got asked the question, "where is the money." The focus shifted to demonstrating that money, bookkeeping, and personal financial management became the product.

Our portfolio has expanded to include bookkeeping, business development, which includes; business planning, and financial modeling, financial management assessment and manual, and lots of capacity building in financial management, business management, and entrepreneurship training. And mostly recently begun looking beyond us to strengthen our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Participating in the projects allows us to create easier entrepreneurial journeys for upcoming entrepreneurs. 

Our Niche


Accounting Software

When you sign up for our bookkeeping service, you do not have to worry about paying for accounting software because we shall utilize FinEdge an Amarin software. With FinEdge, you will have access to your financial reports remotely.


Experienced Team

The combination of youth with accounting background and professional accountants in addition to you provides an opportunity for professionalized bookkeeping.


Reduced Cost

You can bring down bookkeeping expenses with the help of outsourcing. Save 40% of overhead costs related to hiring an in-house bookkeeper. 


Accurate Numbers

You are going to have genuine and correct numbers at all times by outsourcing bookkeeping to a reliable company like ours.


Save Time & Hiring Cost

You do not need to search for, train up to get professional bookkeeping. We shall provide you the professional service until the point you can fully afford the in-house resource.


You are in Charge

We shall free your time to focus on more relevant topics of your business but, at the same time, provide you the opportunity to get the best value out of your accounting function.